Fiscal Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Tax professionals in Bosnia and Hezegovina decided to establish an IFA branch. The establishment was carried out in accordance with the national legislation and IFA guidelines. The Association was named Fiskalno udruženje u Bosni i Hercegovini (Fiscal Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina – abbreviated: FUBiH).

During the IFA 70th Annual Congress held in Madrid, Spain in September 2016, the Branch application of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been officially recognized by IFA’s General Council.  By this act, Fiscal Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially recognized as 70th Branch of IFA.

The objectives of FUBiH are identical with the objectives of IFA, and relate to study and enhancement of tax law and tax regulation in BiH, as well as international and comparative law in the field of public finances, especially international and comparative fiscal law, as well as financial and economic aspects of taxation.


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