Fiscal Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina


During the IFA 70th Annual Congress held in Madrid, Spain in September 2016, the Branch application of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been accepted by IFA’s General Council.  By this act, Fiscal Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially recognized as 70th Branch of IFA.

International Fiscal Association


The International Fiscal Association (“IFA”) is the leading non-governmental international organisation dealing with tax matters. Its members comprise taxpayers (both individuals and companies), tax advisers (both individuals and firms), tax directors, government officials in the tax field and tax academics. It is a unique forum for discussing international tax matters and for making contacts in the international tax community.

The IFA is headquartered in the Netherlands and has more than 12,500 members worldwide from 116 countries. It has official branches in 70 countries.

The objectives of the IFA are the study and advancement of international and comparative law in regard to public finance, specifically international and comparative fiscal law, and the financial and economic aspects of taxation.  These objectives are achieved through research and publications, as well as large number of seminars and conferences organized around the globe each year.


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